Meet Carlos Annacondia

Carlos Annacondia, 74, came to faith in his mid-30s, and has been a public speaker for Jesus ever since. Following a radical encounter with Jesus Christ, Carlos began to share a message of hope throughout Latin America and shows no sign of slowing down now he’s in his 70s!

A relaxed, jovial and humble man, Carlos is a leading figure behind decades of transformation in Argentina, spreading a message of hope that sparked revival in his homeland. He has gathered millions of people together, working with local churches, town and city officials, to tell the masses that Jesus loves them and wants to meet with them.


Inspired by a prophecy given to him by God in 1981 – “Soon, soon, soon. There will be a great revival in Argentina. Argentina will be mine, says the Lord” – Carlos’ ministry has seen him plant thousands of new churches, move in healing and preaching.

When people talk about the Church in Argentina, they speak of ‘before and after Annacondia.’ Testimonies of the goodness of God spread far and wide in South America, and Carlos sees himself as part of a wider work of God to transform the continent.

Carlos has witnessed poverty, corruption, drug abuse and gang warfare shattered by God in many South American nations in which he’s preached, as Christianity experiences exponential growth across Latin America. Now, God has put Wolverhampton on Carlos’ heart and you’re invited to hear a message of hope!

Carlos Annacondia at Ablaze18, Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton Connect Group of Churches is delighted to welcome Carlos Annacondia to Ablaze18 taking place at West Park, 7 – 10 June, for his only UK visit in 2018!

A free, open-air event with live music, food and the ultimate message of hope, come and be part of something life changing at Ablaze18 Wolverhampton.